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Dirige Viam?

Hi everyone. I finally decided to try to learn Latin and am now working through the first chapter of Wheelock in my spare time. My friend, however, who happens to be much more advanced in Latin than I am, decided that this would be the perfect time to write something to me that I have no way of comprehending.

He wrote it right after his trip to Europe with his mother was canceled and I believe the 'Robertus Longus' who is mentioned is in reference to the title character of the film "A Love Song for Bobby Long".

As near as I can tell, his letter has something to do with a muse and a journey, a kiss and a woman and a wound that won't heal. Would anyone be willing to provide me with a translation? My own skills are severely lacking. His writing is as follows:

= = =
Dirige Viam

Dirige, O musae mearum futurarum, viam. O Robertus Longus, estne vita vini clementem? Alannus Littus, estne Caelum in basium feminae? Autne est vulnus esse non sanatus umquam?
= = =

I'd appreciate any help you could offer. Thank you very much in advance!
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