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help translating into Latin!

go on, tell me how bad i've done... lol

The road that I have travelled <-- not sure which I want to use, I like the latter better
via quae vagata sum
via quae vagabar

is all that I know (is the only thing that I know) <-- this one really stumped me, stupid pronouns!
solum est quod cognosco
solam est quam cognosco

(it's) paved with each piece of my soul <-- I don't want "cum" there right?
parte omne (meae) animae strata est

And it’s (the road has) taken me far (a long distance)
longe me tulit

but left dreams/hope behind <-- I might use "spes" for pl.acc. "hopes"
sed spem deserta est

and I’m longing to dream again
et denuo cupio somniare

I'm also not sure if "somnia" can mean "dreams" as in "goals"
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