Theo (caelum) wrote in in_latine,

For lyrics...

I'm writing a song in which the chorus will be latin. I'm a student of the language in only the loosest sense of the word... so please forgive my clumsiness.

English, the chorus is:

"The road is long
the road is hard
but I am not alone.
The road is dangerous (or uncertain)
the road is narrow
but I am not alone."

I'm having trouble figuring out word order and adjective forms, if I've even got it right (With only the internet and Latin for Dummies as help...):

"Via prolix (longus?)
via difficilis (is there a better word? asper, gravis?)
quod non solum.
Via periculosus
via angustus
quod non solum."

Refined a little:
"via longus
via asper
quod non solum.
via dubius
via angustus
quod non solum."
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